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Voted one of the 2024 Best Of Bergen (NJ) Top Three Alternative/Complementary Medicine Practices


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Hilary Russo, is The HIListically Speaking® Health Coach.  She is one of the first 150 Certified Havening Techniques Practitioners in the United States and 500 worldwide of only 1000 globally.  Trauma-informed, Hilary has been nationally recognized as a leader and public figure for her work in holistic health. She studied directly under the founding doctors of Havening, who have called her "The Pioneer Practitioner". In addition to working with children and families, her clients include an impressive list from C-Suites Execs and Grammy Award-Winning Metropolitan Opera singers to first responders, military personnel, and media professionals. 

Hilary’s signature  HUG it Out® Method 

is designed to support you on your journey to “be kind to your mind” by owning the story you are telling yourself and rewriting the narrative with neuroscience-based tools that help put active emotional well-being back in your own hands.

Download the 5-Day HUG it Out Challenge!

She’s also certified in Hypnotherapy and Integrative Nutrition. Her passion and purpose have become her profession for more than 30 years in the broadcast industry.  In addition to her holistic practice, she continues her work as an award-winning multimedia host/journalist focusing on amplifying the message of health and wellness.  You can find Hilary at the mic hosting the HIListically Speaking Podcast:  empowering conversations of trauma to triumph through health, healing, and humor


Public Speaking, Interview Nerves, Weight/Body Image, Food Relationships, Exam Nerves, Stress Management, Confidence, Calming Practices, Shyness, Sports Performance, Creative Performance, Self-Belief, Self- Esteem, Self-Development, Relaxation, Nervousness and Unpleasant Emotions, Anxiousness and Restlessness, Sadness, Relationship Issues, Loss, Bereavement and Empowerment.


Put the power of active emotional well-being in your own hands with Havening Techniques® 

Trust and connection are everything.

It's time to turn your traumas into triumphs and build the resilient life you deserve. By using Havening Techniques®, a neuroscience based psycho-sensory approach, you have the ability to change your thoughts, moods, behaviors and habits rapidly and permanently. 

Paired with my signature HUG it Out® Method, finding ways to be kind to your mind has never been easier to go from chaos to calm with humor, understanding, and gratitude towards self. 


Through my own healing journey, I explored a number of options with hopes of restoring my health, physically and emotionally.  It wasn't until I discovered Havening during an introductory workshop that my spark and resilience returned.  I volunteered for a demo with Havening Techniques founder Dr. Ron Ruden. That day changed my life. Suddenly, I found a modality that had the ability to change both my brain and body's response to trauma, emotional upsets, and everyday stresses. 

As a health/wellness journalist who was already a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I knew this was a path I wanted to take. I am one of the first 150 Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioners in the United States and 500 in the world.  I am also trauma-informed.  

CPR for the Amygdala!


Havening is considered part of the field of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM).

It's a self-soothing neuroscience-based tool that you can use for everyday upsets and deep-rooted traumas.  Havening is designed to positively alter your thoughts, moods, and behaviors with rapid response. The intention is to help you enter a Delta Wave State, which is relaxing and comfortable.  There, your brain releases the "happy chemicals", oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. 

Havening differs from other approaches because it is designed to permanently change the landscape of the brain and removes emotional memories, upsetting life events and negative effects. So, what once caused discomfort, upset, or even trauma, can be viewed differently. This creates the opportunity for clarity, confidence and calm. Sometimes in just one session.  It's the ultimate "Brain Candy", as I call it, on your journey to be kind to your mind.

By working with a trauma-informed, certified Havening Techniques practitioner, like myself, you can find your own haven, your "safe place" to live your best life!Bergen County, NJ, Englewood, NJ, Saddle River, NJ

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Stressed Woman

A painful breakup and a toxic professional situation left me with so much hurt, anger and resentment that I ended up depressed and unable to move forward in my life. Havening sessions with Hilary have made a huge difference. Even from the first one, I felt lighter and calmer than I had in months. I am so grateful to her and this is certainly something I will continue doing. She's the best!

Suzanne G. - France


While Hilary Russo can't guarantee any specific results and the testimonials do not constitute warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue or problem,

her clients report having positive experiences.  

Root Work to Keep You Grounded Havening
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Pat Yourself to Peaceful
Self-Havening for Stress Management

Stress Relief Tips 

Pat Yourself to Peaceful

Get to the Root of the Issue

Please Note: While Hilary Russo is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, she is not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, registered dietician, nutritionist or other licensed health care provider and her services are not licensed in the United States.  Please refer to the Disclaimer for more information. 

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