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Click the dates below to register for events that are open to the public. 
Upcoming Events
Wednesday September 27th  12 PM ET.png

The holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year. From hosting and attending events to planning and purchasing gifts, there are a lot of moving parts that can add to the anxiety. Sometimes, this time of year can be a reminder of loss, grief, and upset around the table.

⁣Free to attend. Registration required. Click HERE to register!

During the hour, let yourself go during the Self-Havening experience with the power of the mind and Hilary as your guide. Q&A to follow.

We'll explore ways to:

1.  CREATE healthy boundaries with yourself and others
2. EMBRACE the gratitude of grief that sometimes surfaces
3. EMPOWER yourself to find the calm in the chaos
4. RECEIVE a special holiday gift just for attending! 
Plus, it's the holidays, so we'll be Havening with the holiday spirit! Expect games and prizes!

Registration is required. All are welcome.

What's Havening? Click here.

If you're interested in working together one-on-one on your traumas and upsets, to get to the root of what's holding you back and weighing you down, schedule a HUG it Out session with me for FREE to find out if working together is right for you.

Hilary joins forces with education specialist and musician Dan Roeder to share with teachers how to foster belonging in the classroom with neuroscience-based tools, music, movement, and more. If you're an educator, join us for this spotlight event hosted by T4 Communities. Join the community for free to attend the event! CLICK HERE.   
The freee

Interested in Hilary sharing at your next event, workshops or retreat?  Contact her here.
Past Events 
Global Havening Conference (Dublin, Ireland)  
Intro to Havening: The Healing Power of Touch (Body Positive Works, Upper Saddle River, NJ)
BSA G23 Summit (PA), Keynote Speaker  
10/8/22    Broadcast Burnout: Stress & Trauma Healing  for Journalists (Tallahassee, FL)
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