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Introduction to the Havening Techniques® Online Workshop

Release & Participation Agreement


Thank you for participating in the Introduction to the Havening Techniques® Online Workshop (the “Workshop”) facilitated by Hilary Russo (“Facilitator”). This Agreement contains important information the Facilitator needs to share with you and for you to understand. By participating in the Workshop, you agree to the following terms and conditions:   


1.  The information presented during the Workshop, including ideas, suggestions, techniques, methods, exercises, processes, instructions, and other materials is educational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 


2.  The Workshop is intended to introduce participants to The Havening Techniques® (“Havening”) described as a type of psycho-sensory modality based on the fields of neuroscience and neurobiology which uses sensory input in order to alter thought, mood, and behavior. It is believed that when an event or experience is perceived as upsetting or stressful it becomes immutably encoded in the psyche and the body, often with life altering consequences. Havening is designed to make changes in the brain in order to de-stress and remove from both the psyche and the body the emotional memory of an upsetting or stressful life event and its negative effects. Therefore, Havening is a modality that is designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of upsetting or stressful encoding. Havening is comprised of a number of protocols, including Havening Touch® which generally includes light stroking around the face and from the top of the shoulders down the arms of the individual client.  


3. Although Havening appears to have promising health benefits, it has yet to be accepted by the mainstream Western academic, medical, and psychological communities. Therefore, Havening is considered experimental. Since Havening is a relatively new health care approach and the extent of its effectiveness, as well as its risks and benefits, are not fully known, you agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with participating in the Workshop.  


4. You understand the Workshops is solely an experiential educational program and is not to be considered treatment for any medical problem or psychological disorder nor is the Workshop a substitute for medical or psychological services. You understand that the Facilitator is not a licensed health care provider, Also, you understand that by participating in the Workshop it’s possible to experience some emotional distress and/or physical discomfort. You agree to ask for help from the Facilitator should you inadvertently experience any emotional distress and/or physical discomfort while participating in the Workshop. Further, you understand that your participation in the Workshop does not create a practitioner-client relationship between you and the Facilitator.    


By participating in the Workshop, you agree to forever fully release and hold harmless, Hilary Russo from any and all claims or liability, of whatsoever kind or nature, which you may incur arising at any time as a result of your voluntary decision to participate in the Workshop.    

You are in receipt of this document and have agreed to this release and participation agreement.  

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