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Through my own healing and use of the Havening Touch®, I have a deep understanding about how to help others balance and live happier and healthier. 
So, what IS Havening? I'm so glad you asked! 


Havening is a psycho-sensory therapy  that helps permanently heal discomfort and/or pain that we face in life. These can be negative emotional or physical memories that are triggered from time to time. They impact us on many levels; from how we perform at work and our relationships to taking care of our own health and wellbeing.  

The difference with Havening from other psycho-sensory modalities is that it also creates positive alterations in our brain. So, what once caused upset will be viewed differently, creating the space for clarity, confidence and a sense of calm. And, it's permanent. 


By applying a sensory touch to produce an electro-chemical response, one literally heals and positively alters the mind.  You enter a "delta wave state" which is relaxing and comfortable. It is in this state where the healing truly begins. Happy chemicals in your brain (dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) are released and increase, while cortisol and norepinephrine/adrenaline are reduced.  And emotions linked to the areas causing you upset are decoded. This doesn't mean you won't remember the event or upset, but you certainly will process it's meaning differently.  

By working with a certified Havening Techniques practitioner, like myself, you are given the tools to heal your mind... your haven.  Depending on your needs and level of comfort, self-Havening and facilitated Havening are both options.  Group sessions/workshops are also available. 


A painful breakup and a toxic professional situation left me with so much hurt, anger and resentment that I ended up depressed and unable to move forward in my life. Havening sessions with Hilary have made a huge difference. Even from the first one, I felt lighter and calmer than I had in months. I am so grateful to her and this is certainly something I will continue doing. She's the best!

Suzanne G. - France



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One of the reasons I chose to become a certified Havening Techniques® practitioner is that I believe healing comes from within. By teaching and sharing a modality I use for my own well-being, I'm giving my clients the tools to heal themselves.  But, also, I'm providing guidance when they need it most in a sacred and confidential environment.  consider it a gift to create the space for others to heal. Because that is often the place where the heart opens and allows the best and most beautiful part of ourselves to thrive.

My extensive media background and work as a college professor, media coach, along with my background in health/wellness/fitness, have all given me priceless abilities to work on areas that are often overlooked.  And, I also focus on a number of areas that impact our day to day life.

A healer is not someone you go to for healing.  A healer is someone who guides you to discover that which is already  within you, ie your own ability to heal yourself.





Weight/Body Image, Sports Performance, Self-Belief,  Anger Management, Eating Disorder, Food Addiction, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress Management, Panic Attacks, Relaxation, Relationship Issues, Confidence, Shyness, Public Speaking, Exam Nerves, Interview Nerves, Stuttering, Self- Esteem, Self-Development, Empowerment and FEMpowerment!